Mentored Research

Get Started!

  1. Decide within which department you want to research.
  2. Select that department from the sidebar on the left.
  3. Carefully study the faculty members and their research areas. Click on their names and view their BYU profiles for more information!
  4. Choose a faculty member whose research is most appealing to you.
  5. Make sure you have completed the pre-requisite classes required to work in with your chosen faculty member.
  6. The best time to meet with a faculty member regarding mentored research is at the beginning of winter semester (Feb-Mar). By that time they should know when and if a position will be available for you. Schedule a time to meet them.
  7. Be proactive in investing time in studying the faculty’s research, journal articles,etc., and be prepared to ask questions and comment on his/her research
  8. If the faculty member asks, be prepared to answer whether you want to do research for employment or for credit.
  9. Mentored research sections usually require faculty permission and are marked “S”. You will need a permission-to-add code from the faculty member in order to register for their research section.
  10. Remember, for every 1 credit you wish to earn please plan on spending at least 3 hours per week in a semester or 6 hours per week in a term of work in the research lab. Have Fun!