Where is the stock room?

The stock room is located on the first floor and is accessible through the elevators in the center of the building. The stock room is just to the left as you exit the elevator. 

Where is the Lost and Found for the Life Sciences Building?

The Lost and Found is located in the custodians office in room 2105. It they can not be reached in person, you can contact them at (801) 422-5727. They will hold on to any lost items for a few days before turning them into the Lost and Found in the Wilkinson Center.

Where is the open access computer lab?

There is no longer an open access computer lab in the Life Sciences Building. The computer lab in our building is now reserved strictly for classes.

Where can I make a copy or print something?

There are two locations in our building to do this. The first is an open access kiosk at the south end of the hallway on the second floor. The second is the Print and Copy Center located in room 2110.

Why is Guest Access important and how do I add someone on my account?

Guest Access allows students to give others permission to access to federally protected information, e.g. registration, finances, scheduling with advisors, etc. Guest Access is needed for parents to assist their children who are returning from missions, applying for classes, paying tuition, etc. The following link will help you add others to your Guest Access account. Only students are allowed to add to their guest access.

How do I change my major?

If you are looking into exploring other majors you can look at the class maps or you can call our office at 801-422-3042. You can also come into our office in room 2060 of the Life Sciences Building and set up an appointment with an advisor to learn which major is best suited for you.

If you know what major you would like to switch to come into our office. If you have less than 75 BYU credit hours we will schedule a Change of Major appointment for you. If you have more than 75 BYU credit hours we give you an Over Hours Change of Major Petition Form to fill out and return to us. Your form will be submitted for approval by one of our advisors to ensure that changing your major won't significantly delay your graduation.

How do I apply to double major in the Life Sciences?

You will need to complete a Petition to Add a Second Major. This form includes the petition, a personal statement regarding why you need to double major, and a class plan for each major. If your primary major is in the Life Sciences you can pick up the form at our office, room 2060 of the Life Sciences Building. If your not one of our majors you can pick up the form from the advisement center of your primary major. Once the form has been completed bring it to our office and it will be submitted for approval by one of our advisors.

How do I apply for graduation?

First, you will need to apply for graduation online. Once you have applied online call or come into our office to schedule an appointment.\

How do I find out which of my classes transfer here from other schools or from AP classes?

To have major transfers and AP credit evaluated, meet with Dr. Don Breakwell at 2060 LSB or e-mail him at
don_breakwell@byu.edu and he will approve it for you if it meets the BYU requirements.

In the e-mail please include:

  • The name of the course you would like transferred in
  • The name of the course you think it would transfer for
  • A course description of the course you completed
  • Student ID number and or Net ID

I was emailed about an Academic Improvement plan. What do I do?

If your GPA for a given semester was below a 2.0, you may currently be on academic warning. In order to have the warning and any associated registration blocks removed, please complete the academic success packet, and make an appointment with your academic adviser. To schedule an appointment, please call the Life Sciences Student Services office at 801-422-3042. We can help you to overcome your challenges, and revise your academic class plan in order to help you reach your academic standards next semester. 

If you have questions, or are on Academic Warning, Probation, or Suspension, you can visit the Academic Support Office's website for further information.

I want to do more than 18 credit hours this next semester. How do I get that approved?

That's a fairly simple one. You need to fill out the request form and state a few reasons why you'd like to have over 18 credit hours. 

I'm applying for internships and/or jobs soon. How do I make sure that I stand out from among all the other applicants?

There is a class that we recommend that every student in the Life Sciences take. The Code is StDev 317.