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Major Exploration

Not sure what to major in? Below are things to consider and information to help you decide.

Things to Consider:

  • What are you interested in learning about?
  • How will a particular major help you to go forth and serve?
  • What foundation will it provide for your plans after graduation (your career and/or grad school)?
  • “A major will not predict or guarantee your future” (Princeton Review).
  • A major can help you gain skills, knowledge, and experiences that employers are seeking.
  • There are no “easy” majors. Every major will include challenges and opportunities to help students grow and learn skills.

Available Resources

Life Sciences Advisement

General Information about each major is provided on the LSA website.

Course Catalog

Allows you to review every required class, course descriptions, and learning outcomes.

Course Syllabi

Allows you to look at course syllabi for more detailed course information.

Learning Outcomes

Allows you to compare what students who complete various majors are expected to know and do.


A ½ credit class taught every fall and winter semester where faculty from every Life Sciences department will come and share their majors with students.

Introductory Classes

Some majors have introductory classes to help students learn more about the major.

MYMAP Plan Tab

This tool allows you to see how many courses you have completed in your major/minor. The link “Explore Other Majors and Minors” in the Tools box on the bottom left of MyMAP also allows you to see how many courses you have completed in another major/minor you are considering.

BYU Career Services

See what careers students are pursuing with a particular major. To select a particular major, click on the drop down “choose your community”.

Meet with Faculty in the Major

Ask about the major, requirements, experiential learning, and career opportunities.

Meet with an Academic Advisor

Meet with an academic advisor in 2060 LSB. Academic advisors are knowledgeable about Life Sciences majors and can help you with further questions. If you aren't sure you want to major in the Life Sciences, meet with an advisor in the University Advisement Center.

Still unsure which major is right for you?

  • See all of the above resources if you haven’t already done so.
  • STDEV 117 - Career Exploration Course: Applying theories of individual, academic, and career development to the university student. Exploring university opportunities and college majors; graduation planning.
  • Career assessments. As a BYU student you have access to several career assessments which are either free or have a minimal fee ($10-$20 dollars).
  • Meet with an advisor in the University Advisement Center (2500 WSC). They can review your assessment results with you and further discuss majors and interests.