Mission Statement

The mission of the Life Sciences Student Council is to help form a Zion society in the College by creating an
atmosphere of unity and charity, thus assisting students "in their quest for perfection and eternal life."

The Purposes of the Life Sciences Student Council:

1) To establish a more organized means of communication and participation
between the students, faculty, and college administration;
2) To give students within the college the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills
and an increased commitment to serve their fellow students;
3) With these leadership skills help to discover and solve problems
in the college that hinder the full growth of the students;
4) Assist in creating a Zion atmosphere in the college (non-competitive and united). 

Most importantly, the goals and objectives of the Life Sciences Student Council contribute to the unique mission of BYU
by encouraging the students of the College to develop a “genuine concern for [their fellow students and] the welfare of [their] neighbor.”


About joining us:

The Student Council is a graded 1.0 credit hour course (LfSci 190R).
Application due by March 15. Apply online.
Commit to serving 2 semesters (Fall/Winter) on the Student Council (Meetings are Wednesdays from 4-4:50 pm).
Demonstrate ability to work in groups and contribute creatively to ongoing and new projects.
Contact byulssc15@gmail.com for more information.
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